Holiday fun

Story telling, music, art, craft, creative writing and more at Hansel and Gretel.

From Monday to Friday.

For more information call 28152549 or 9840431549

Just two of us

Mommy and Me Workshop at Vanilla Children’s Place includes activities that introduce the first structured learning to kids with refinement of sensory skills, hand-eye coordination and learning social behaviour.

For more information call 42066660, 9444784066, 9940012785

Animal talk

Croc Bank, believes in maintaining the natural instinct and behaviour of their animals through purpose-designed activities. Such activities help to deepen our understanding towards them while providing them with enrichment to enhance the quality of their lives. Feeding demonstrations entail a variety of feeding techniques generally intended to encourage our larger, more sluggish crocodiles to actively ‘hunt down’ their food by strategically offering them morsels of food.

Learn from experts as they share their enthusiasm for these amazing animals, in these fun, entertaining and enlightening presentations

11:00 am Snakes; 1:30 pm Crocodiles; 1:45 pm Tortoises; 3:00 pm Snakes; 3:30 pm Lizards.

For more information call 9840542337

Tables and chairs

Suyam Charitable Trust is trying a new revolution on the grounds “Wastes make to best”. They plan to build what they need in a more earth-friendly way — build student tables and chairs out of paper waste.

On Teacher’s Day (September 5) at Siragu School, Avadi, the goal is to build 100 writing tables made from paper for their own use with help from our team (children, teachers and staffs) and volunteers.

For more information call 9976717666

Chemistry of magic

BASF will feature its global chemistry education programme — BASF Kids’ Lab, at its visual and interactive booth at the Indo-German Urban Mela, YMCA College of Physical Education, Nandanam. Students in the age group of eight to 12 years, are eligible.

Register at