I was so very happy. It was the day of our school exhibition. We were ready with our exhibits, hurrying about doing everything. But I was a bit tensed as I got a different duty. Now all of you may be curious as to what the duty given to me was. Yes, it was something very unusual — I was simply a moving anchor. I bolstered my courage and though this was not my first experience in anchoring, it was still an amazing one. I took up the challenge and began. I was able to interact with many parents, teachers, students…and almost everyone who came visiting. All of them appreciated my talent especially the parents had a good impression of me. This is not only my effort. I fared well because of the help given to me by my English teacher Mr. Josesh and our Principal Sr. Linsa Maria who gave me this wonderful opportunity. This is my most wonderful experience.

RENY K. ROBY, IX, Nirmala Matha Convent School, Eyyal, Kunnamkulam

Keywords: Kids' Writing