It's back to school….

The beginning of a New Year it is an exciting for the children and their families. This festive season gives an opportunity for the family to get together and celebrate.

As the month of January has come upon us the festive season has come to an end and reality kicks back.

Kids talk

Holiday time is the best for the kids but now it's time again to go back to school and get set for the exams around the corner.

“I celebrated New Year with my parents partying with friends. Most of my vacation was spent studying as soon as I have exams coming up as my school re opens. I am thrilled to get back to school and see all my friends again and share my experiences with the teachers,'' says Shamica Jaiswal, a Std IX Student, Gitanjali School.

Memorable time

“I love vacations, each one is special and memorable for me. Especially the New Year was good as I spent it visiting Tirupati with my parents. But now I am excited to go back to school and also a little scared because I will be having my exams,'' says Shubank, a Std VIII student, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Public School.

A few others decided to have fun anyway despite the exam stress on cards.

“Though I had a jolly time wth my friends and family, most of my vacation was spent studying for exams and also I was eagerly waiting to go back to school meet my friends and teachers,'' says Vaishali, of Std. VI, Shantiniketan Vidyalaya School.

While some children are excited to get back to school and some are scared of even the thought of going back because of the leisure time spent and exams. “Getting children back to school is really a big task for me as I have to re adjust their schedule again accordingly and encourage them to study well,'' says Nisha Thakur, a parent.

“It's very difficult to get the children back on tracks. But I find it very challenging as I know my children the best and many ways to help them get back and start studying for the exams,” says Kirthi Jaiswal, a mother of two.

There is no vacation that never ends and cannot ignore returning to school and starting to prepare for the exams.

Exams are just not an end of everything but a test to help the kids develop well. So all the little champs out there, get ready and say a hello to school again.

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