Making friends early in life is a good exercise to help children learn the art of socialising.

Friendship starts the moment a child starts socialising. It is in preschool that children interact with their peers and make their first friends. Little Elly, the concept preschool, gave an opportunity to children as they celebrated Friendship Day recently. It was all fun and frolic as games were played with friends during festive celebration.

Best friend

The Friendship Day celebration at the school was colourful. Children were asked to name their best friend and why he or she was their best friend. The children tied a friendship band around the wrist of their best friends and also wished each other. They played games such as Follow the leader and Passing the ball.

I love my friend Nihal, says Karan, a student of lower kindergarten at the school. For Nihal too his best buddy is Karan. For Priyanshu his best friend is Swaroop. Priyanshu says, “Swaroop brightens my day. We talk a lot and also get into trouble together.” “Once I come to the class, I just wait for him to come,” adds Priyanshu. Anjana Kamath, the school co-ordinator says Swaroop and Priyanshu's friendship is very unique as it transcends language barrier. For Gabrielle her best friend is Nihal with whom she shares her toys. Karan says that Amanda is his best friend. Though she has left school, the memories of friendship still linger. Vidwath, Iora, Rajiv, Om, Yeo Jun and Ayush unanimously agree that they go out, sing songs, read and have all the fun only with the friends.

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