Elections are nearing. Many of us take part in elections, not necessarily in the nation’s political ones. In schools and colleges also, elections are held to choose a leader among the students. We must keep certain points in mind when we are voting.

Many people only consider looks while voting. They do not consider the personality or ability of the candidate to perform his or her duties. But remember not to do that. You know very well not to judge a book by its cover.

Some political parties and candidates give money to illiterate people and threaten the weaker sections to vote for them. The people vote for them, but end up getting deprived of their basic requirements or what was promised. Never give or receive money.

Don’t think that it doesn’t make a difference if you don’t vote or vote blindly. It makes a big difference! The party or candidate you support could lose by just one vote.

So when you’re ready, vote wisely. The power is really in your hands.

The writer is in class IX, St. Ann’s High School, Hyderabad