From plastic bottles to newspapers, everything is reusable. That’s the message the Sustainability Museum wants to spread.

Not many museums allow you to touch, feel or experience what’s on display and this is what sets the Sustainability Museum in Chennai, apart. With an objective to creating awareness on adoption of green products and practices, this museum makes it easier to understand sustainability by providing practical awareness and educating society on the entire gamut of sustainability.

Value for waste

From compostable plastic cups to a vertical garden — Suseum includes an array of eco-friendly products and processes. From bio plastics to up cycling and waste water treatment, Suseum aims to bring together all the tools needed to build a greener world.

Space and location has nothing to do with the amount of change you can bring in your own life. Situated in an apartment in the midst of the hustle bustle of the city, the need is to bring change at the grassroots level. Though everyone is talking about awareness and campaigns what is needed now to know what can be done in an environment similar to where they live — in an apartment.

Suseum has two ambitious goals — drive sustainable change for children and youth and allow kids to have hands on experience in recycling, reusing, and making valuable products from waste.

10 things kids can find at Suseum

DIY: Do It Yourself — make your own products.

Garden: Gardening experts teach you how to plant a sapling or grow a plant from seeds; how plants have to be watered and cared for; what are indoor plants and outdoor plants.

Vertical garden: It shows how to use a little space to grow vegetables or flowers. You can learn how to make use of the plastic PET bottles and grow plants in them.

Scrap made to use: Reuse just about anything and turn it into something of value. Check out the working model of a music player which was made from scrap parts

Contribute and get showcased: Contribute both to Suseum and sustainability in two ways. One is by dropping in at Suseum and making reuse/recycled product, or can make any reuse/recycled products at home and mail a photograph with steps on how they made them which will be uploaded on their website.

Projects for students: There is a list of simple projects you can do with step-by-step guide that can download from our website and done at home.

Sustainable lifestyle: Learn everything from waking up and brushing with natural toothpaste till you go to sleep to using an organic mosquito repellent.

Waste to value: Understand different types of waste and what they can do with the waste e.g., agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy and there is so much of agricultural wastes — but what do we do with it? Figure out how to manage this waste.

Innovation pavilion: This pavilion can shape career goals with its wide range of 100 cleantech ideas.

Composting: How to make compost at home and the benefits of composting.

Suseum – The Sustainability Museum, A5C, Anugraha Apartments, No 41, Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034

Call: 044-42173939 before your visit for a guided tour

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