I had gone to Visakhapatnam with my family during the Christmas vacation. We visited many places there including Araku Valley, Borra Caves, Submarine Museum, Shivaji Park, Ramakrishna beach and Kailasagiri.

We travelled to Araku Valley by train and had to go through many tunnels. The railway line is laid 3,000 feet above sea level. The world famous Borra Caves is situated in Araku Valley and attracts many visitors annually from all over the world.

Over the years, many rock structures have formed in the caves and bear resemblance to Siva-Parvati, Mother-Child, human brain, tiger, cow’s udder, crocodile, Hanuman, eagle’s wing, dinosaur, turtle, Rishi’s beard and lion’s face among others.

The Submarine Museum has enhanced my knowledge about submarines, marine engineering, use of torpedoes, and navigation equipment. The Aquarium is home to many species of marine life forms such as piranhas, macu, parrot fish, eels, lobsters, tiger sharks, cat fish and many more. It was quite interesting and enjoyable.

Shivaji Park has a lot of fountains decorated with coloured lights and the beautiful landscape was a feast for the eyes.

At Kailasagiri Hill, one can go up either by taking the cable cars or the steps. At the top, we took in the beautiful aerial view of Visakhapatnam and went to see the Siva-Parvati statue and electric train.

It was a memorable and enchanting trip.

S. Eswaran, XI D, N.S.N. Group of Schools, Chitlapakkam