As usual, I came early to school. The finals for the All India Inter-school Invitation Basketball Tournament 2012 was scheduled that day. Our batch was out of control and started to scream as soon as the game began. I was also screaming! Our hearts were beating hard because our basketball team had entered the finals. “Girideepam v/s Don Bosco”. We were all tensed because Don Bosco had won the Girideepam Ever Rolling Trophy last year. But we didn't give up hope. We put all our energy into cheering for the 'Men in White'.

The first points were scored by Don Bosco. But still we didn't lose hope, so we cheered and encouraged our seniors. I think that boosted their confidence. Then they went on to lead. Anyway, the Don Bosco boys had done a great job. They have to be appreciated for the tremendous game they played. Our school carried the Girideepam Trophy for 2012 Basketball tournament because of our enthusiasm and passion for the game. Definitely, it was our encouragement and the players’ sincerity towards the game that helped Girideepam win the Ever Rolling Trophy. The junior basketball team also became champions for this year's tournament. Then we received the happiest news!

On account of winning the overall trophy, there was no class for us the next day! We express our sincere gratitude to our principal, Fr. Benedict for a wonderful tournament like this.

Pooja Soni.V, IX E, Girideepam Bethany Central School, Kottayam