Apartments and flats stretched in every direction, as far as our eyes can see! In this 21st century, everything is changing rapidly. People are migrating to foreign countries. And as the rate of immigration increases, the need for shelter is also increasing rapidly. Construction of apartments and multi-storey buildings is the answer to this need. Contractors and builders are promoting numerous apartments in every locality.

In recent years, there has been great advancement in the construction of apartments in our locality. This has led to congestion. Moreover, these buildings are built up on grounds which we used as playgrounds. As a result the children are unable to play and enjoy their leisure time. Even people who have their own houses are demolishing them and erecting apartments in place of themRecently, some jewellery was stolen from a flat in our locality. Our locality was a very peaceful place and was free from all kinds of social evils but with the introduction of flat culture, it has accelerated this social evils.

Promoting apartments may be the need of the hour but the culture it breeds has created a problematic situation for our society as well as our locality which needs to be addressed.

Arpita Roychoudhury, X, B.D. Memorial Institute, Kolkata

Keywords: real estate