I was in a vast space with no cast of shadow anywhere. Looking up into the sky was a strain for the rays were sharp. With a little fear I walked forward. I saw people and in all their faces there was despair. An old man told me that there had been no rain for the past few years. As a result, the inhabitants did not have water for their basic needs. They have not been able to plough their fiends and it has turned into waste land. The worst sufferers were the children. Their legs and hands were like think sticks. I was disturbed.

I realised I was thirsty. My legs were hurting. I stood still unable to take another step. Just then a doubt crept into my mind, “Where was all the greenery?” I looked around and found none. No flower rejoiced there, no breeze cooled the place. My eyes were filled with tears. I looked at the people they were lamenting, “This mess is because of our greed and now we are paying for it. There is no one to save us.” They sobbed and then in a little while they fell to the ground. One after another. Darkness covered my eyes and I too fell.

Later, someone called me. I opened my eyes and saw my mom. I was bewildered. Where had the people gone? It took some time for me to realise that I had been dreaming. But it was a dream that could become reality.

The rest of the day my thoughts went back to my dream. I finally decided that I would plant a sapling as gratitude towards nature for its blessings.

Rameena Shareef K., XII A, Darul Puda EM School, Nadapuram