Kwizikl saw enthusiastic participation from twenty teams; there was no doubt that sparks would fly.

“Great minds think alike” — so when 27 such minds gathered on the stage at Don Bosco School it sure was exciting. Energised and buzzing with enthusiasm nine teams were ready to hit the buzzer. These nine were the ones who made it to the grand finale of Kwizikl, the annual inter school general knowledge quiz.

The 30th edition of Kwizikl was held at Don Bosco. With only Std V students taking part the quiz aims at creating, enhancing and sustaining the awareness of the students and encourages them to learn.

Twenty schools participated in the preliminary rounds. Teams had to get through eight rounds which included visuals and activities. The nine teams who made their way into the finals are — Don Bosco MHSS, Egmore, Good Shepherd MHSS, Don Bosco Nursery and Primary School, Perambur, Sacred Heart MHSS, Fatima MHSS, Our Lady's MHSS, Padma Seshadari Bala Bhavan SS, Asan Memorial SSS and MCC MHSS.

In the finals there were ten rounds. The participants were tested on memory, observation, logical thinking and puzzle solving. The Quizmaster was Dr. Sumanth C Raman and he had the teams and the audience sitting on the edge of the seats. With rounds like Identify the logos, audio on Musicals, IT , Music, Identify the proverb, Identify the animal, Parts of the body, Sports and Rapid fire it was a power packed session.

The winners of the quiz are — PSBB with 130, Sacred Heart with 68, Don Bosco with 65 points. The teams were awarded attractive prizes with a total worth of Rs. One lakh, certificates and trophies for the participants and the schools.

The winning team got a DVD player each, the second prize winners got an Ipod each and the third prize winners got a video game each.

GETHYN JOSHUA, V. Don Bosco MHSS: I love quizzes. I love reading books and information interests me. For the quiz we read up a lot of General books and that’s helped us. I felt that Rapid Fire round was the toughest and The round on Sports where we scored the most was the easiest.

JOSPEH K PAUL, V. Don Bosco MHSS: Though I love Science, I chose to answer the Rapid Fire round because of my varied interest. I read newspapers and watchjed BBC News to help me prepare for the quiz.

ASHWIN SAMUEAL, V. Don Bosco MHSS: I have always loved Sports and that’s my forte. I read a lot of books to help me for the quiz. I Love to play sports and therefore I usually have all the trivia too. Solving the Jigsaw was the easiest round and the Rapid Fire was the toughest.


Archana SubramanianJune 28, 2012