During the summer, we had gone to Mulli forest for a two-day trek. We stayed in the guest house deep inside the forest.

Mulli forest is a paradise of greenery and the rivers are full even during the summer, making it an ideal vacation spot. We were a group of 20. We spent the day cleaning the banks of the Athikadavu, playing games and chilling out by the river.

At night, there was a heavy downpour and as our vehicle turned a corner, we heard loud trumpeting. A tusker stood in the middle of the road. All of us were scared and didn’t dare make any noise. After a few tense moments, it slowly flapped its right ear — a signal that it didn’t mind our presence. We sped away back to the guest house. It was a scary and exciting adventure!

The next morning we went bird-watching and spotted a number of different birds. Then we went for refreshing dip in the river.

This trip remains the most memorable to me. It was the best!

R. Senchudar Tamizharuvi, XII, Stanes HSS, Coimbatore