Amardas used to do meagre jobs like washing cars, painting buildings and other such things, though a major part of his income came from cutting trees and selling wood at the market. Initially, he used to cut only a few trees but as he got greedier, he started destroying valuable trees. He would illegally cut trees on the roadside, parks and near lakes among other places when no one was around.

One night, he had a strange dream. He saw a globe representing the earth with only one tree on the top. The tree said, “If people like you continue to destroy us for your selfish motives, one day, only a single tree will remain on this planet. There would be no rain, no food, no fuel, and life on earth would be terrible.” Amardas woke up. He realised that it was only a dream, but he had learnt a lesson. Next day he gave up his profession and started to spread awareness about the importance of trees.


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