I closed my eyes and opened the door of my dreams. Sunshine entered my house, there was a slight drizzle and beyond that a rainbow. The scene was attractive. The angel, at the centre of the rainbow, came to me and made me shine like a sun, coated me with crystals of rain drops and made me look as colourful as the rainbow.

As I was dreaming my mom woke me up. I closed the door of my dreams and opened my eyes. I was sad since the dream only lasted for a short time. But, I was surprised to see that it was raining a little and from the corner of my window I saw a ray of light coming through and my angel, no, she was not there.

I just thought to myself about half my dream coming true but what about the other half? I felt sad. But then I thought of my mom. Yes, she is my angel who had made my life colourful.

K. Kiruthica, X1 B2, Revoor Padmanabha Chetty's MHSS