The picture of the boy selling the tricolour at a crowded junction is a sad but true depiction of the real India. If we are true patriots, our hearts should weep for the small boy. We should be ashamed of such a thing because the boy represents the future of India. In a country where everyone is crying hoarse over the evils of child labour, the elite crowd, ranging from honourable judges, esteemed politicians, upright police officers, affluent industrialists, wealthy artists, earnest social workers, well-read scholars, astute journalists and so on, speed away in their vehicles, unaware. As responsible students, we should take an oath that we will strive to make such things a thing of the past.

S. Rakshaa Vigneshwari, XI D, Sri Vidya Mandir MHSS, Uthangarai, Krishnagiri

Keywords: Student writing