Make your very own special super storage truck to keep your toys, pencils, colours and anything else that might be lying around your room.

Disney Channel’s Art Attack Host Gaurav shows you how to make a cool storage truck! Now you can keep your toys, pencils, colours and anything else lying around your room in your storage truck.

You will need:

2 Cardboard boxes (one small and the other big)

1 Cardboard sheet

2 Bowls for measurement (one small and the other big)


Colours, pencils and a ruler




1. With the help of an adult, cut out two of the four flaps of both the cardboard boxes as shown. (Make sure you cut out the smaller flaps and not the bigger ones)

2. Now, stick tape across the bottom of the boxes, to make them strong from below.

3. Using the glue, stick one side of the smaller box to the bigger cardboard box to form the shape of the truck.

4. For the tyres take the cardboard sheet and trace circular outlines of the two bowls to make wheels. The two big wheels will be for the back of the truck and small ones will be for the front. Now cut out the outlines with the help of an adult.

5. Paste the wheels on to the truck with glue

6. Using the ruler and pencil, draw the truck’s windshield, headlights, bumper and doors

7. Now colour both the boxes using your favourite colours.

8. Your amazing storage truck is ready! To make it more personal, make sure you paint your name on the side of the truck.

(Note: To help the environment in a small way, make sure you are reusing old cardboard boxes to make the storage truck)

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