It was a hot sunny day. I became excited because I was on a field trip to the Bhevara Folklore Museum and Theatre. We set off at about 8:30 a.m. and reached at 9:00 a.m.

The museum building was made entirely of wood. As we entered, ‘Chandanakkurus' (sandalwood paste) was smeared on our forehead which is a traditional way of welcoming people.

We were divided into groups of 20. There was a guide for each group who explained the exhibits. There were statutes from the 20th century AD to terracotta pots from 20th century B.C.

There were documents, jewellery, weapons, ancient games, manuscripts, statues, clothing and dance costumes.

There was also an ancient theatre called the ‘Kamaladalam' Theatre. Later we saw earrings made by hands.

Then there was the Attantullal dance which was invented by Kunjan Nambiar. The dance we saw was based on a story from Mahabharatha called ‘Kalyanasundaragandam'. The dance lasted for about 45 minutes and after that we returned to school. The trip helped increase our knowledge and understanding of Kerala.

M.V. Arunkumar, VII D