Magic seems to enthrall everyone and maybe you can pick a trick or two too!

Karavali utsav an annual festival includes an exhibition, an amusement park, and Cultural programmes, started in Mangalore recently.

Besides the usual food stalls, games, rides and shops that drew not just children but adults as well was was one that was flaunting “magic” tricks.

Many shades

“Super!” said Lexol, a student from St.Aloysius, clearly impressed with what the magician had conjured. The “magician” put a green-coloured feather stick into a paper pipe and out came a yellow-feathered stick. Then he put the yellow-feathered stick and out came a pink-feathered stick.

The “magician” would call aside each child and tell them in conspiratorial tones the secret behind the trick. He would also tell them not to tell the others.

Teaching tricks

Next, he showed how a rope cut in two is tied into a knot but how it becomes one again. Sarvani was thrilled with the box and went off saying she would try them at home. Tushar saw the trick and asked his father to buy him one.

Sure, you can buy the box of accessories to try younr hands at the magic tricks. But have you tried figuring out how the “magician” actually does those tricks? Think a bit and, if you are smart enough, you can figure out how the tricks are done.

It needs some “sleight of hand” and a thinking cap.

Once you have learnt a few tricks, you can entertain your friends and family too, and this can be great fun.

Start with something like a small box, which has an egg in it when you open it the first time. Open it again and there is a hen! The trick, of course, is that the box has two containers with two lids. Or try to create the “magic book” — you open it once and it is blank. Open it again, and it is full of colourful drawings.

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