If you have always craved for you own space to read, then here's the answer. The Anna Centenary Library offers you a wonderful variety of books that is sure to keep you interested.

Eight acres, nine floors and over 12 lakh books…this description would bfit only one place in Chennai — the Anna Centenary Library. Inaugurated last year, the library is the biggest the city has ever seen. Plus it comes complete with all the facilities one could ask for including audio-video rooms, conference halls and a food and coffee bar. But many facilities are still under construction.

The main ones like the general books section, periodicals and newspapers section, Tamil books section are open for you to come and indulge yourself in the world of books.

Those under 14 are a lucky lot. They have an entire ‘Children's section' dedicated just for their reading pleasure. Located on the first floor, the place looks anything but like a library. It is colourfully decorated and there are posters of Simba, Pocahontas, Mowgli and more.

The one feature that is sure to catch your eye is the tree right in the middle of the room that seemingly grows from the floor and stretches up to the ceiling. You can grab your favourite book and sit under the tree for a relaxed reading session.

Coming to the books, there are over 60,000 of them in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and all four south Indian languages. The categories range from animal books, fairytales, puranas, activity books, history, exam titles and teaching aids to even some teachers' resource books, apart from your usual fiction. As of now you cannot borrow books, but can spend as much time as you want reading the numerous books that are neatly stacked in the shelves. Also unlike a typical library where ‘pin-drop-silence' is strictly enforced, here, understandably, it's okay to read aloud and talk as long as you don't disturb the others in the library.

If you're not the “reading type” then why not let the computer teach you something while you have fun. This children's section is equipped with 22 terminals with over 2000 educational and games CDs to choose from.

The place also has a theatre-like space where storytelling session and puppet shows are to take place in the future. These along with film screenings which are also on the cards are sure to make the idea of reading books and going to a library an extremely pleasurable one indeed.

S. DHEERAJ, V, Sharanalya Public School, Pallikaranai: This is my first visit here and I looked for my favourite book here –Gulliver's Travels. The best part is there are many books that are unknown to me and I can stay here to read them for as long as I want. This library is a good place to spend the summer vacations.

PRIYANKA, III, P.S.B.B.: I heard about the library through my grandfather who asked me visit the place. This is my first time here and I like it very much. I especially love the colourful furniture.

MAITHREYI (I) and MANASA (IV), Maharishi Vidya Mandir: We have come here many times. We have even told our friends about it and they want to visit it too. What we like most about the place are the posters on the wall.

The Anna Centenary Library, Surya Nagar, Kotturpuram, Chennai – 85. Open from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on all days.