Social networking websites need no introduction, what with the huge and loyal fan following each has.

Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Orkut and other city-specific websites and blogs have many followers.

Further, it is an addiction for many. When two long lost friends meet up the first thing they ask these days is “do you have a FB or an Orkut account?”

After which they decide to keep in touch online and this led to many hours on the sites. And with most having multiple accounts, there is a chunk of time that needs to be set aside for writing or 'pinging' on the friend's page.

Have two

Mohd Aamer, a student of Std. X says, “I have two accounts on Facebook, one for friends and one for family.

Sometimes it feels odd and can become a bit of a problem to have both friends and family together on the same account. So maintaining two separate accounts is the best option."

e-Groups for school alumnus, hobbies, sports and actors has students coming together to form a group on a common ideology says Natasha, a St. Ann's alumni who joined a group that was formed by her school mates.

There are others who have formed groups to spread awareness on social issues while some simply share recipes with friends. Viewing photographs is also a delight.

Think for a minute

But, a word of caution. Too much of time spent online can sap your energy. Not forgetting the chips and other snacks that you tend to eat between the typing.

Ayesha Maliha, a student of Std. X says, “My mom does not allow me to be on these social networking sites.

But these days almost everyone seems to be talking about it and its hard to resist the temptation.”

The mantra is, join the online network but ensure your homework, sports and hobbies are not affected.

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