This is the story of my Mother Earth. She was once beautiful, wrapped in hues of green and blue. She was a happy lady who always forgave her children. Her anger was never seen by any of us. Her kindness overflowed through her eyes. But now they are filled with sorrow and tears. She has changed. She is unable to stay happy.

Her elegant face has changed into one of fury. She has tolerated the mistakes done by her children, but now it is time. Will she react?

We cut down trees to mar her beauty. How much pain will she suffer? We pollute the rivers, ponds and lakes, which were once her pride. Now she retaliates through disasters like floods and earthquakes. She lost her beauty because of her children. She has become dry and barren. Her children are constantly advised to be kind to her and grow more trees. They understood the importance of trees and started planting more. They found that afforestation is the only way to regain their Mother’s beauty.

We must work together to save our Mother.

Aiswarya Menon, VIII B, Excel Public School, Kunnamkulam, Thrissur


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