This vacation, we had gone to Dubai. It was amazing.

We went to the Al Ain Zoo, which had Asiatic lions, white tigers, ostrich, and giraffes among others. I met my cousins and uncles and came across lots of people including several Arabs, Africans and people from other countries. We also saw the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa.

We went to The Dubai Mall where the world’s largest aquarium stood. My sister and I enjoyed watching the fish.

We went to the global village which is really interesting with beautiful exhibitions and dances from various countries. We also went to a magic show and they were giving away magic kits. We got three! We also went to the marine park where we played for almost an hour.

Upon returning from Dubai, we went to Munnar with two other families. We stayed in a house near the forest for two days. The tea estates were beautiful. My sister didn’t feel like leaving, but we had to and went to my mother’s ancestral house. We spent the rest of the holidays playing with our grandmother and watching movies. It was an unforgettable holiday.

Aiswarya Anilkumar, VII, Lisieux School, Vaikom