Know road safety rules and be sure to create awareness about it.

Every often one comes across news about road accidents either in newspaper, on news channel or may even see them happening. Road accidents may occur anywhere, anytime, either while travelling or crossing the road or even while boarding a vehicle. Sadly, India has earned the distinction of having highest number of road accidents in the world.

Sanjana J. a Std. VIII student says, “once I was getting late for school. So in a hurry I skipped the traffic signal and crossed the road when the traffic indicator showed the red light and I got hit by a vehicle and hurt my knee”.

Schoolchildren are susceptible to road accidents. In order to reach school on time they very often avoid safety rules one has to follow on the roads. And also many schools are located on main road so students can hurt themselves while crossing road. However, many schools in the city are teaching road safety rules to the kids and spreading awareness about them. Keerti Jaiswal, an art teacher at Gitanjali Devashray tells, “Children make placards and posters on road safety and display them.” There are other schools like Sherwood Public School, where a teacher sports a traffic police uniform and teaches students the rules to be followed on roads.

Start early

“I learnt about traffic rules at school. We had a poem on the traffic signal”, says Krisha a UKG student of St Ann's High School. Huzefa Mohammed a Std. X student lists out a few safety rules on road which he learnt at school, “drive at a speed of maximum 60, and fasten your seat belts if travelling in car or wear a helmet if travelling on a two wheeler. Stop at the red light, be ready to go on orange light and go on the green light.

Always cross at zebra crossing and walk on foot path.

Turn the head light on after sunset.”

One of the most important rule to be followed when on road is, “Stop, Look, and Listen”.