Students helped in turning a waste disposal space into a playground.

Scenes of children crowded into cell-like classrooms in a large number of private and government schools in rural areas with no proper drinking water and toilet facilities, let alone a playground is not unusual. But, the School Development and Monitoring Committee, of Shree Kakkayya Jnanapeeth Trust-run Pre-Primary and Higher Primary School in Gokak town found a way out to facilitate the children with a playground.

Need for space

The school had no playground, and the students wanted a space to play.. However, the school's effort with local elected representatives finally helped. But what it got was not a ready and clean ground but a dirty and stinking waste disposal space adjacent to the school, which is located in a slum area and caters to the educational needs of children from poor families.

Already tired after running behind officials and leaders for the space for playground, the school staff decided to clean it on their own instead of depending on local Municipality workers.

The school children who were happy to get a playground joined hands to clean the ground. They left their books and pencils back in their classrooms, took the cleaning tools and removed all the filth from the playground.

This contribution inculcated in the students the value of 'shram- daan' (free voluntary labour), said a school staff. When the job was done, everyone was happy and the school administration thanked the residents of the locality who agreed to allow the school to transform a waste disposal spot into a playground for the children.