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Updated: August 19, 2013 20:36 IST

Time to holiday

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A Passage to Adventure by Cheryl Rao.
Special Arrangement
A Passage to Adventure by Cheryl Rao.

A vacation can only be fun, even when you least expect it to be. Well, here’s Sunny to prove once again that when school’s out it is time to let your hair down

Five kids are placed in circumstances that force them to holiday together. It is going to be a predictably boring holiday. But they didn’t bargain for an old house with a lovely library, nor did they realise to what lengths land grabbers can go just to get what they want!

Sunny discovers he has a new family and so when school closes for vacation that’s where he is headed. Of course, he is not too keen on having to spend time with his new-found sisters. Because he thinks they are stuck up and always dressing up in designer costumes and putting on a lot of airs and graces.

Inside outside

Sunny’s father is getting married and Sunny is not too thrilled. He has to accompany his two step-sisters and spend the holiday in their grandmother’s house in Kanpur. Knowing that he is not too keen on the idea, his father relents and allows him to invite his two friends, twins Vivek and Veena.

Of course, Sunny and his friends have a horrible time because they love to play outdoors and muck around while the step sisters – Arundhati and Pragyavati (nick named Aru-Paru) just lounge about the house in their designer clothes.

But this holiday that starts out so badly, soon changes course and the residents of Dadi’s house are all dragged into the adventure.

Simply written, the language is engaging. Full of interesting twists and turns, it is fun following the children around as they get familiar with the lay of the land. The descriptions are vivid and you can almost picture the landscape. A bit of danger, a dash of mystery and an element of fun provide the perfect combination to make this a delightful story.

A PASSAGE TO ADVENTURE, Cheryl Rao, Ponytale Books, Rs. 125

An excerpt:

Soon all of them were seated in the drawing room with snacks and milk shakes. Except for Arundhati and Pragyavati, who refused to eat or drink. ‘No wonder they’re so thin,’ mused Veena, as they just there looking bored while the hungry travellers gulped everything down. Then Pragyavati looked at her watch in a perfect imitation of a bored society girl from a TV serial and said to her mother, ‘We have a fitting this afternoon, don’t we?’

Before Aparna Sharma could respond to her, Sunny jumped up. ‘Come on, let’s go to my room,’ and he was halfway out of the drawing room before anyone could react. Vivek mumbled something with his mouth full and took off behind Sunny. The two sisters made their exit, too, with a casual “Ta-da” to no one in particular. Left abruptly alone with the bride-to-be, Veena felt she had to compensate for the others and took her time leaving, talking for a little longer.

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