How many of you played Holi on March 19? If you live in North India chances are, all of you did. These days Holi is celebrated in South India too since it is so much fun. During the celebration you spray coloured water smearing coloured powder on your friends.

A Spanish version of Holi called “la Tomatina,” is celebrated in the town of Bunol in August. This year la Tomatina falls on August 31. The Spanish people too seem to be fascinated by this ritual of throwing things at each other or applying stuff on each other.

In a Spanish village called Tolox, a special festival called “El Dia de los Polvos” (Day of the Powder) is celebrated. Like Holi revellers, the Spaniards also smear massive quantities of talcum powder at each other. They literally hurl talc at everyone they come across.

There is a story attached to the inception of this practice. It is believed that two young women, who worked in a bakery, fell in love with the same man. They fought bitterly with each other till one day they got into a heated battle and ended up throwing flour at each other! This led to powder being used as a courtship ritual.

However, now, it is just for fun in Tolox and friends hurl talc at each other regardless of gender.

So, do you want to participate in this festival? Alas! You are going to have to wait a year. “Powder Day” is celebrated on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday (this year March 9)

This quaint festival which is celebrated in a little known village attracts over 3,000 tourists who come over “armed and dangerous” with their talcum powder and folks do not dismiss this lightly. Wikipedia estimates that over 3,000 kg of talcum is used each year! If you've played carrom board you can envisage the slippery effect of the whole festival!