Ramadhan is a holy month in which Muslims fast from early morning to evening. We are kind and gentle and we do not do bad things like calling bad names and fighting. We lessen work for our servants and we do worship. We do not watch TV. We are patient. We give money to poor people. We help our parents and we help other people.

During Ramadhan I wake up very early in the morning for an early meal called sahar. When it turns light, we stop eating. Then after a few minutes I pray and go back to sleep. I wake up at 7:30am and get ready and go to school. At school I work on a project we are doing – making a book about Ramadhan. We leave school at 1:30pm. On the first day of fasting I felt very tired and hungry and thirsty, but after that I was all right. And now I don't even feel hunger or thirst.

When I come home I rest and pray. I play around outside and read books. In the evening we prepare the evening meal called Iftaar. I cut fruit for salad. I lay the table. We usually have dates, kanji, fruit salad and jelly sometimes. We have our evening prayers called Maghrib and read some teachings of our Prophet (SAW). Then we have dinner — usually breakfast foods like bread, cheese, butter and sardines. We sometimes eat kanji also. At bedtime we pray our night prayer called Isha.

We look for the Eid moon on the last day of Ramadhan. On Eid day we wake up and dress up in our best clothes and go to a mosque. There we say our prayers. We give food or money for the poor people so they can also have a good Eid. This is called Fitra.

Then we go visit our relatives or they visit us. We play around and sometimes we have a party. Our parents and older uncles and relatives give us money called Eidi. Sometimes I buy toys, but usually I save it up to buy books and sweets. This year I plan to give half of the money to the poor.

I think Ramadhan is a good month because you have to be patient and you learn how it is to be poor and hungry.

Aisha Safia Jamal, 9 years

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Month of prayerSeptember 6, 2010