Do you think going to school is a big bore? Well, here are some kids who would love to go to school but instead they have to earn a living. Here's what they have to say...

From farm to school

My name is Imran and I live in the village of Nagla Kulwana in Rajasthan. My father's name is Amru Khan. I have four brothers and three sisters. My family is very poor so they go for agriculture work in Punjab. Last year as my parents were going to Punjab they also took me with them. I didn't want to go with them since I loved to play with my friends in the village. But my parents took me along with them. In Punjab I along with my parents worked in the field plucking cotton balls. It was hard work.. I missed my friends of school a lot.

When I returned from Punjab I was sitting near my home in the evening when my friend Shahil came and told me about a group Balmandal which they have formed in the village. He also said that I should join school and show interest in studies. He also convinced my parents to send me to school.

I however liked talking with my friends and was not interested in working in the fields. My other interests are playing kabaddi with my friends. The other day I went to school with my friend Shahil. I am now in Class VII and enjoying my studies. After the school time was over Shahil took me to the Balmandal meeting. They were discussing about Chacha Nehru and I knew that he loved children. I wish all the children of my village stop working and go to school.

Hopes and wishes

My dream is to become a soldier and do something for my country I hope the government will send all children to school. I wish I could become the Prime Minister of the country and do my level best to change the mind of my colleagues and teachers to work sincerely for the development of the education system so that no child remains out of school. I will then create an environment for children where each and every child enjoys his/her childhood I am attending school and would like to complete full education. I would like to work for the army and serve for my country.

To market, not to school

“I don't want my siblings to go my way,” says Danish. Fourteen-year-old Danish is famous in the vegetable market of Ghatiyawali (in Rajasthan) for his loud voice can be heard by everyone in the market.

“Danish is so talented and intelligent in study and work. But poverty compelled us to make him work with us,” his father said. He sells ice cream in summer and vegetable in winter. As he grew up he started working with his father in making pitchers at home partly or after coming from school. But now he has stopped going to school completely.

Danish recalls his younger days when he would leave for school in the morning along with other children. His dream was to become a doctor. Unlike other children, however, Danish would change his school clothes for work clothes on the way and spend his afternoon working with his father.

“I want my brother to study more and I want to see them succeed,” Danish said. “I will be happy the day they get good jobs; I want them to work hard for it. I don't want them to miss out on school and their childhood as I did”

Hopes and wishes

I hope the next generation will enjoy the schooling I could not get. I wish I could do something for the children of my age when I grow up so that they can enjoy their childhood without struggling for a livelihood.