A quiz to test hobbies, games and activities synonymous with the summer-time break

1. Which popular game among girls is played on a course composed of a series of linear squares interspersed with blocks of two lateral squares?

2. Swimming is a common recreational summer activity. Which is the only competition swimming style that starts in the water?

3. According to the game's world federation, what spherical equipment, used to get into a hole, should be no greater than 16.5 mm in diameter, non-metallic and generally of different colour to eliminate confusion?

4. Eating ice cream is a must for many in summer. According to studies, which are the two most popular flavours globally?

5. At which National park, considered its last refuge, can one spend a summer day in the company of the magnificent but endangered Hangul or the Kashmir stag?

6. One can make a lot of interesting stuff during the holidays by watching the M.A.D. show on Pogo. What does M.A.D. stand for and who hosts it?

7. In this game involving at least three players, one player stands in the middle and the others try to throw a ball back and forth to each other without the centre player catching it. What is that player called which gives its name to the game?

8. Which popular ice cream brand has/had a ‘31 flavours' slogan so a customer could have a different flavour every day of the month (assuming a 31 day month)?

9. Many an amateur lepidopterist has a field day during the summer holidays. What is he/she looking for?

10. Which common paper and pencil game would involve apart from the players, a ‘caller' and ‘reciter'?

11. Pixar made a movie whose title is the French name for a braised eggplant, tomatoes and basil dish that is perfect for late summer. Name it.

12. Children in Japan play the ‘Jan-ken-pon' using their hands. How is this game known to us?

13. One of the most anticipated big films worth a watch this summer holidays is ‘Robin Hood'. Which Oscar-winner is playing the much-loved outlaw?

14. Which activity will help us swim underwater for long periods of time: SCUBA diving or snorkelling?

15. Name the traditional board game, popular in south India, where counters made of either cowry shells or tamarind seeds are used to fill cups set on a rectangular board with 2 rows and 7 columns.


1.Hopscotch; 2.Backstroke; 3.Marbles; 4.Vanilla and chocolate; 5.Dachigam National Park near Srinagar; 6.Music And Dance and it is helmed by Rob; 7.Monkey in ‘Monkey in the middle'; 8.Baskin-Robbins; 9.Butterflies; 10.Name Place Animal Thing; 11.Ratatouille; 12. Rock Paper Scissors; 13.Russell Crowe; 14.SCUBA diving; 15.‘Pallankuzhi'.