I wanted something to rhyme

With the word lime

As I found out

I still had a doubt

Was the word right?

Or did I have to re-write?

I sat and thought another word

That could rhyme with bird

I thought how about curd

Was there nothing to rhyme with bird?

Or did I have to change the word?

I sat and thought another one

That would rhyme with fun

As I baked in the sun I had a lot of fun. No!

Ahh! That’s just absurd

How about this

Were there none

To rhyme with fun?

Now I thought to find something,

Rhyming with sing

As I was thinking, I realised

The title itself wasn’t finalised

I quit the idea of rhyming.

Instead I went to miming.

Radhika Kumar, VII, Kendriya Vidyalaya IISc, Bangalore