1. Who on this date in 1911 had his coronation as the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland?

2. Which bone connects the humerus with the clavicle?

3. ‘Operation Barbarossa' was the code name for Nazi Germany's invasion of a big nation that began on this date in 1941. Name the affected country.

4. Which famous centre of learning awards the Pulitzer Prizes?

5. Name the social organisation founded by Peter Benenson that has a candle in a barbed wire as its logo.

6. The shape of the main planned part of which National capital city resembles an airplane or a butterfly?

7. Which is the most common naturally occurring isotope of hydrogen?

8. AIDS researchers use the ELISA test. What does it do?

9. What is the name of the current Japanese era?

10. In which Italian city is the big statue of David by Michelangelo located?

11. If Apple has iPad, who makes nook?

12. Name the detective novelist, considered a humorous self-caricature of Agatha Christie, who recurs in Hercule Poirot stories.

13. The largest church in the world is the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace which is located in an African country. Name the country.

14. Where in the human body is the albumin, one of the major components of blood serum, produced?

15. What is the nationality of Francesca Schiavone, the women's singles winner at the 2010 French Open?


1. George V; 2. Scapula; 3. Soviet Union; 4. Columbia University; 5. Amnesty International; 6. Brasilia; 7. Protium; 8. It is a biochemical technique used to detect the presence of an antibody or an antigen in a sample; 9. Heisei; 10. Florence; 11. Barnes & Noble; 12. Ariadne Oliver; 13. Ivory Coast; 14. Liver; 15. Italian.