The Flag was well down

And had its broken crown

Cracked in the sparkling night

Due to subjugated fright

Then one starlit midnight

As it stood brooding in its gloom,

It realised that there must be a solution to its doom.

At once it began going over its doings

So as to never again tread on its deadly feelings.

It snatched, grabbed and lunged to find a way

Which could bring it glory and make it not pay.

At once it rose with a tiger’s pride

Like fear vanishing after a dangerous rollercoaster ride.

Although it couldn’t pluck the way at that moment,

It knew that glory could not be achieved in an instant.

It understood that its methods needed to be revolutionised

And that was done with its good deeds crystallised.

It understood that it was surrounded by a mistake

And it needn’t keep its progress at stake.

In a flash, it received light.

It understood that it should never take flight.

It only had to flutter vigorously,

With the hawk’s flair

The breeze was small and the gales big, an opportunity

Which it had to grab and fulfil its destiny.

K. Dhanvi, IX E, St. Joseph’s Public School, Habsiguda