Students carried forward the message that protecting the ozone layer can save the earth for generations to come.

In an effort to create awareness about the ozone layer among school children a programme was held at Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Melur.

The programme was organised by National Green Corps (NGC), Melur Education District, to commemorate the 15th International Ozone Day on September 16.

A. Rosaline Mary, District Education Officer (in charge) Melur, inaugurated the event.

R. Umadevi, District Environment Awareness Coordinator, NGC, delivered the welcome address and spoke on the importance of the ozone layer. She also highlighted the arguments in favour of protecting the ozone layer.

Explaining the ill-effects of the depletion of ozone layer, she spoke on the utmost need to protect the environment and save the earth from the clutches of climate change. She also stressed that the role of youngsters is inevitable in protecting the environment.

No plastics

Muthulakshmi, teacher coordinator, requested the students to discourage their parents and neighbours from using plastics recklessly.

Students were also asked to carry forward the messages about mitigation of pollution to their villages to keep them clean and healthy.

The ill-effects of chloro-fluoro-carbon and the need to recycle waste were explained to students. The students also got a chance to express their thoughts and concerns on the depletion of the ozone layer. At the end of the programme the students resolved to talk to the industries in the neighbourhood about controlling emissions and also to villagers on environment conservation.