Bringing out a magazine helped students interact with each other and helped them work as a group.

Children are a bundle of talent and all that they need is a forum to express the same. This was proved yet again when St Mary's High School Principal Sr. Melissa decided to introduce a hand-written magazine for each of the classes in the high school this academic year.

Set deadline

Announced in the beginning of the academic year, eight sections of the high school surprised the teachers by bringing out their magazines by October end which was the set deadline. The end result was an amalgamation of the literary and artistic and on the whole creative skills of students with almost every topic covered from Love Jihad to opinion on world's end in 2012.

Ruhia, Std X, sharing her experience of being in the editorial board, said that though it was difficult in the beginning to encourage her classmates they gradually came around and co-operated. Savina, Std X, reliving her anxiety adds that though the editorial maintained enthusiasm, there were times they lost hope as the deadline was nearing and the task was not accomplished due to lack of co-operation.

Several meetings

Each class had separate meetings before deciding on the theme. Once the theme was decided, then came the task of going about collecting material and articles from students.

This required a little bit of help from teachers, who made sure that students contributed their bit. Sajida, Std X, Kannada medium section, said that the teachers' guidance was what helped them get an idea of what a magazine was all about.

The names of the eight magazines, Blazing Mind, Manuscripts, Rendezvous with Class 10, Karanji, Sahitya Darshana, Carnation Glory, Magnificent Creators of Class VIII and The Shineful Stars says it all. Varsha, Std IX, explained about minor hiccups saying how the magazine was renamed just when there were four days left for submission. Mufisa, Std IX, narrates how the outer cover design had to be changed to please everyone.

However, the unanimous opinion was that this experience had made them appreciate each other's differences and strive to achieve the goal by teamwork.