When I was in the Std V, my handwriting was not good. But my teacher did not scold me. Instead she advised me on how I could improve on it.

M.Raajarajeshwari, VII, Soundararaja Vidyalaya

My teacher told me that I was clever and hard working, which is why chose my as a group leader in class. Thank you Miss Joisy for making my day special.

Deah P Mogrelia, IV, Sherwood Hall Senior Secondary School

My class teacher who is the most special person for me is more than just a teacher. I share all my thoughts with her. It’s no big deal making one person feel special by being partial to them, but she does it for the entire class.

Prahalad Kasturi, IV, Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam

Akila Acharya has been my class teacher since Std III. She has always been kind and scolds me gently when I am naughty. She granted me permission to bring my Lego Submarine Ship that I created (for close to two months) to school and listened to me as I discussed its features in class.

B. Sai Shruthi, XII, Bhavan Rajaji Vidhyashram