My favourite teacher is our Science teacher. She teaches us well and never loses her temper. She never scolds us or punishes us, but we obey her. She is friendly with us and we can approach her whenever we face a problem. She encourages us to take part in various competitions. She inspires us to be ideal students.

G. Parimala Sreeja Reddy, VI, Ridge School of Excellence, Kurnool

A few days ago, my teacher, Ms. Beena Mathews announced that out of the 27 students in class, I was among the top three for excelling in aspects such as reading, and solving Math problems among other tasks. She said that we were selected for an inter-school competition. I also got some good comments from my teacher in the PTA meeting. I felt really happy. I will make my teacher and parents proud by being a good student.

Vidhur Senthil, IV, Oakridge International School, Hyderabad

Mrs. Nivedhita is my class teacher. She is kind and, at the same time, strict in matters of discipline. She would inspect our lunch boxes during break and never allow us to waste food. She also insists that we should eat either a vegetable or a fruit every day with our lunch. She has asked us not to bring junk food to school. My parents often appreciate me for being conscious about food habits, but the credit goes to Nivedhita Ma’am! She is moving to Bangalore soon. I will miss her so much.

T. Sahaana, V E, Chennai Public School, Chennai

Only one name springs to mind when I think about a teacher who made me feel special — my biology teacher Omana Gangadharan. I met her on the first day of Std IV. She was my class teacher.

“From today, you are my children and my children should be more disciplined than any others.” This was the first thing she said in class. She was friendly and made us feel at home. Unlike other teachers, she taught us through practical examples and activities. At the end of the year, we were sad to part with her. Now after six long years, she is teaching our class Biology again. With her fantastic teaching style, great humour sense and friendly attitude she remains my favourite teacher.

Mahesh B. Menon, XI A, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Tripunithura

I dearly miss Mrs. Sulbha Chawla, the English teacher from my previous school. She is the kindest and sweetest person I have ever met. She was strict, but I always loved her classes. She carried herself in such a dignified manner that I have always tried to imbibe her ideals. I also miss her homemade chocolate cookies and cakes. I just want to thank her for being a part of my life.

Amol Singh Raswan, XI, DPS R.K. Puram, New Delhi

As we know, every child in this world is special. One may be good at singing, another at dancing and others at similar such activities, but the important thing is that we are made to feel special by parents, friends and teachers, especially.

I remember an incident when I was studying in Std. VIII, I was working on a project for the Science exhibition. I couldn’t finish it, but my Science teacher understood my problem and helped me overcome it. I completed the project because of her motivation and I felt really special.

Akanksha, IX A, KV Air Force, Sulur, Coimbatore

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