During the hot sizzling afternoons, here’s some tech support on offer. Fun apps to keep boredom at bay and learn something new. Apps are not just meant for the grown-ups, but the ones growing up too can make use of them!

On a holiday

Trip Journal: Whether you are travelling by road, train or plane, this app will keep you engaged and also help you save memories of the trip by way of pictures, videos, blogs and comments. Note how “A rhino just crossed our path at Kaziranga!”, or who your guide was at the rock temple of Mahabalipuram — his picture, name and anecdotes — record and share it with your friends and family on your return. The app takes some getting used to though.

Maily: Missing your best friend on your holiday? No problem, just drop him/her an email. With this app, you are never too young to send one. Maily lets you send an e-mail to a parent-approved e-mail id, while your parent is also kept in the loop. You can write your message, draw it and even add virtual stickers and stamps.

Know the world

Whether a curious traveller or a geography geek, these apps will help you learn more about the world.

First Step Country: A fun way to learn about the flags, maps, monuments and currencies of the world through simple picture games.

Barefoot World Atlas: Learn the facts about various countries like its geography, climate and landmarks as you spin the globe. Loads of pictures and videos to browse through too!

Globe Tripper: Lonely Planet’s app tests your knowledge of the world with a game that asks you questions on world cultures, history, geography, current events and language.


Homebound and bored. Why not use these apps to have some fun?

Scribble Press: Use this free app to create your own books on the iPad! Let your imagination run wild and type your story or use one of its 50 “fill-in-the-blank” story templates such as “About me,” “If I ran for President,” “My first day at my new school” or “I am a mad scientist.” The best part is you can do your own illustrations to go with the story or upload pictures or illustrations. Print or publish online and share. Congratulations! You are now a published author!

Grow Gardening: Not possible to have your own garden? No problem. Let Connie the Compost and her friends the Micro organisms help you own one virtually. They will teach you how to grow crops the organic way, and you can help them do it too by feeding them the right food, making the soil nutritious, harvesting the crops and treating the animals in the cottage with fresh, farm produce. Earn badges as rewards for your progress.

Kids’ Crafts: Scissors, paint, glue and lots of enthusiasm to create something new is just what this app needs, be it a Recycled Super Snake or Fun Paint Rollers. Complete with a list of things you’ll need and instructions on how to do it, the app gives you several do-it-yourself craft ideas, that is sure to keep you engaged all through summer and beyond.

KidsApp: This app is for the photo editor in you. Choose pictures from the phone album and work on it by adjusting its scale/size, rotating it and adding colourful clip arts. Rework a picture to look like you’re chasing a bunny, holding the sun or standing outside your castle. The possibilities are endless!

How To Make Origami: This one’s for you and for your parents to enjoy too! All you need is a piece of paper and lots of quiet hours to enjoy this traditional Japanese art. See your paper turn into a dinosaur, flower, rabbit or a jumping frog.