The Karanji Lake Nature Park in Mysore has new attractions for kids.

A visit to Karanji Lake Nature Park (KLNP) can be thrilling for children as the management of KLNP (Zoo Authority of Karnataka) has made the Children's Park more attractive. Boating and bird watching are favourite pasttimes there.

But now children below 12 years can enjoy facilities such as four-seater swing, multi-seater see saw and a spiral slide.

KLNP now also serves as a “miniature bird sanctuary.” Thanks to the shifting of birds that had been housed at the Mysore zoo, to KLNP, the place has turned into a bird zone.

Exotic species of birds and pheasants can be seen at KLNP.

Pretty pheasants

The lake is a breeding ground for the white ibis, pelicans, painted storks and several other species of birds. Pheasants such as Lady Amherst's Pheasant, Chinese Pheasant, Silver Pheasant, Golden Pheasant and Red Jungle fowl have been housed in enclosures. KLNP houses a “Walkthrough aviary”, which is said to be the biggest in the country.

The Butterfly Park is another attraction that is not to be missed. This place has been enriched with new plants to attract more species of butterflies.

The plant enrichment programme at the Butterfly Park is done as and when required.