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Updated: September 3, 2013 12:55 IST

Take a trip to ancient Egypt

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Find out how the DOA gang go back in time to salvage the throne.

An excerpt:

The sudden silence inside the upper court was unnerving. Inky shadows lurked in dark pools cloaking the royal sanctum in secrecy. Tall columns reared into the skies like sentinels guarding a treasure.

A chill wind trailed its fingers down their backs, warning them of intrusion.

“This is ek dum scary man, let’s leave,” Pappu began whimpering. “I don’t get a good feeling here. Something really horrible is going to happen.” Bandar clung to his master, his fur all puffed up in terror, ready to flee at the slightest sound. Katrina’s hands had turned clammy with sweat and she kept losing her grip on the nunchaku. Chintan better get this right. And where on earth were they? And where had the attacker disappeared to? She glanced around nervously, half expecting him to pounce out from the shadows and try to bludgeon her in revenge.

“Shush! Be quiet Pappu, we’re in the temple’s innermost sanctum. Just give me a minute to figure this out.” Chintan pulled out his flashlight and shone it on the monuments, trying to orient himself with the drawing of Djeser-Djeseruhe had memorized earlier from the book.

The light flashed in the darkness, revealing a beautifully decorated chapel on the left. Chintan closed his eyes, trying to visualize the drawing. That would be the royal chapel dedicated to the royal cult of deities. Opposite this chapel would be the grandiose solar chapel, and few metres ahead would be the…

Chintan’s heartbeat quickened as he realized what lay beyond the darkness.

Tucked away from the courtyard, cut directly into the white limestone mountains of Ta Dehent ofthe serpent goddess Meretsegerwas the very place where the Sceptre of Ra had been kept during the festival — the Sanctuary of Amun Ra.

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