In the rush of meeting daily deadlines, we often forget to appreciate nature. And in not doing so, we neglect it and allow the beauty around us to disappear.

Everyone remembers the lines, “What is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare” from the poem Liesure by W. H. Davies. This poem seems to be so relevant even today. With our monotonous and rigorous work schedule, we can hardly spare time to explore nature trapped as we are in the clutches of achievements and success.

An experience

One cannot imagine how satisfying an experience it is to simply gaze at nature's immaculate sketch. A cool misty morning, shades of green, raw and ripe fruits you can catch a glimpse of among the leaves, the sweet scent of the newly bloomed flowers, the flight of birds from, the chirping of the birds as they welcome a new dawn.

How ecstatic one feels at the sight of a beautiful flower, a leaf with dew drops on it, buds that hold the promise of blooming, tall grass swaying in the wind, the gentle breeze moving through the branches of a tree, a little bird feeding its young. Isn’t it a wonder to see shoots appearing in the crevices of compound walls, proving that where there is a will there is a way....?

Without a doubt, time spent in admiring and appreciating nature’s impeccable beauty is a worthwhile experience. It is almost like watching a honey bee buzzing around to find a suitable place to build its honeycomb, or feathered creatures twittering among themselves, little wasps making their mud nest, a chameleon that seems to be in a pensive mood but flicks its tongue to catch a little insect, ants working in unison, wispy butterflies enjoying the nectar from flowers.

As responsible citizens we must do our bit in conserving this incredible green world graciously gifted to us. However apartments, villas and cell phone towers have snatched the homes of the birds and insects. Skyscrapers have replaced tall trees and cement, concrete, plastic and garbage replace the vibrant green.

People like Mohamed Dilawar (winner of Time Heroes – 2008), a dedicated conservationist, is doing his best to save and protect the environment with the help of his Nature Forever Society (NFS) team. The BiodiverCity photo competition organised by him asking people to take pictures of “nature in your neighbourhood”, and upload them on has converted many into nature lovers. So take a break from your hectic schedule and experience the joy of exploring nature at its best and let the images sink not only into your cameras but also your hearts.