An unforgettable holiday for me was my trip to Bhadrachalam with my little sister and parents on my 10 birthday in October last year.

After going to the Lord Rama’s in the temple town, we visited Kotipalli. We were taken in a boat through the Godavari amidst the beautiful Papikondalu hills. We enjoyed the cool breeze with the setting sun going behind the hills as I cut the cake and celebrated my birthday on the boat.

We reached Kotipalli beach at around 7 pm and saw many huts made of bamboo, lined up on the beach. We were allotted one of them for the night. It was quite an adventure. We had dinner on the seashore and enjoyed the bonfire till late night. All the arrangements on the beach were excellently managed by a family living close by. We visited their home also and came across a fridge that runs on LPG! After breakfast next morning, we did some trekking along the Godavari.

We came back to Bhadrachalam and caught the bus back to Hyderabad the next morning. The memories of this trip are still fresh. I truly feel on top of the world. This is indeed the sweetest memory.