The series Dolphin Diaries is about Jody McGrath and her family, who study about dolphins and marine life.

In Beyond the Sunrise, the family comes to the Sunderban delta. They are on a trip aboard the boat Dolphin Dreamer. Jody becomes friends with Shiv, the eldest son of the Kaushiks, who run the Sukhi rest house.

One day, Jody and Shiv ride on his dinghy and try to get to the shore of an island while following a dolphin. They are sent away by Mr. Vikram, the owner of the island. During their other trips, they see a rare Irrawaddy dolphin and name it Sandhi. Then later on, Sandhi goes missing. Jody thinks that the dolphin might have been captured by poachers. The story follows Jody and Shiv’s efforts to solve Sandhi’s disappearance and catch the culprits.

This book is relevant in present times as poaching and exploitation of the environment has become more common. It teaches us to stand up against such injustices and be well-informed.


Shwetha Sasindran, VI, St. Peters ICSE School, Cheruvathur, Kasargod