This summer, my Dad, brother and I went to Coonoor. My mother didn’t join us because she had gone to her ancestral house. We got down at Coimbatore station from where a few relatives joined us and the rest of the journey was by car.

All my cousins, uncles, aunts and my grandparents had also come. Our drive to Coonoor was long, but not tedious since all of us were there and we had fun. We saw monkeys on the way to a resort called Wallwood Garden. The place was cold and had so many beautiful flowers that you could make a massive bouquet from all of them. But we were forbidden from plucking any.

I played several games with my cousins and also went to the Sim’s Park. The next day, we went to the Kothagiri vegetable show, even though I hate vegetables. But the exhibits were really good. We also went to the spectacular Dolphin’s Nose Viewpoint. One night, all of us cousins even put on a play called ‘The Cat’!

I don’t like sickness especially when it ruins your vacation. So obviously I was upset when my grandma came down with a fever.

We left Coonoor and went to Hyderabad where we had a jolly time. A few days later, my dad, brother and I we went to Chennai and joined my mother and grandparents.

Afterwards, I came to know that I had to undergo a minor surgery to have my tonsils removed. I was, of course, scared and the doctors weren’t making it any easier with the blood tests and the poking and prodding. Finally, the day of the surgery arrived and I was really anxious. Other than some tubes, monitors and surgical equipment, I don’t remember anything from that point on.

At home, many relatives visited me while I recovered and I had a lot of ice creams as it was really difficult for me to eat or drink anything else. My family took good care of me. And after a tough week, I came back to Tiruchi.

This was the best vacation ever.

The writer is a student of class VI, Kamalaniketan Montessori School, Tiruchi