A great way to identify your child's strengths and weakness.

This clinic hopes to identify the child's talents, in terms of strengths, the way s/he thinks, works and learns. This goldmine of insight can give parents and teachers clear ways on how to help the child in studies, to be able to learn better, and possibly take important decisions later on in life.

The XSEED Summer Talent Clinic is an eight-day camp to take the child through a journey of experiences, which reveal their preferences and strengths. These experiences include doing real work, solving problems, playing games, working in groups, learning new things et cetera. Our specially trained mentors who facilitate these sessions analyse the child's work, and at the end of the Clinic provide a detailed report covering the strengths of the child and what you as a parent or teacher can do to help the child in studies and beyond.

There are four levels based on age appropriateness.

Level 1: For children entering Grade 1 or 2

Level 2: For children entering Grade 3 or 4

Level 3: For children entering Grade 5 or 6

Level 4: For children entering Grade 7 or 8Classes are conducted everyday for three hours (weekends included).

On offer

The methodology is built upon the latest research and theories of assessment and learning. The program includes seven critical components that make it uniquely powerful. Daily Experiential Activity in Science and Math; Daily Communication Practice Exercise (CPE); Daily My Own Performance (MOP) through alternate mediums; Psychometric Test; Customized Child Strength Report; Performance Portfolio; Parent Workshop (last session).

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Limited seats per level, so hurry.

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