When I wokeup and went to the balcony, I saw a pigeon. I found that he could not fly. It lookied sick. I touched it but he was standing silent. My mom, dad, didi and brother came to see it. We noticed that the pigeon was unable to fly. We wanted to save the bird of peace. My family, particularly my brother, is vegetarian and hence concerned with the life of every animal. We decided to leave the pigeon in a safe place. A friend of my father’s — Mr. Anil Sharma, an artist has many birds and dogs as pets at his home. We decided to leave the bird with Anil uncle.

We went to his house with the pigeon. We handed over the pigeon to him. He promised to take care of the sick bird. Two days later uncle called my father and said that the pigeon had died because it was suffering from heat stroke. But my father gave us this bad news only after six months because he thought that my brother and I will weep. But even after getting this bad news after six months my brother cried and so did I. We could not even eat lunch.

This is a true story of a sick pigeon and our failed efforts to save its life.

Shreeti Yadav, IV, Air Force School, Hindon Air Base, Ghaziabad. UP