Very early Sangeetha realised she would have to work for what she wanted and that's what she did.

Sangeetha J. Nair is cool despite her performance — sharing the second spot in the State CBSE Std. XII exams and cracking the State and national level medical entrance exams.

A student of Vidyodaya School, Thevakkal, she scored 492 marks out of 500 compared to the 493 scored by Joseph Samuel of Adoor. Sangeetha scored centum in Biology but lost a mark in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and five marks in English.

“I was not expecting much from the Std.12 exams anyway. My focus was more on the preparations for medical entrance tests,” says Sangeetha. There wasn't much by way of preparations. Paying attention in class and revising at home was what she did. She paid more attention to Physics and Mathematics, writing down the lessons.

However, there was no rigid early morning or late night studying.

Lack of parental pressure and tremendous support from her school played an equal part in her outstanding performance. Her parents never nagged her about studies and the school encouraged her to take an interest and get involved in as many extracurricular activities as in classroom lessons.

Jayaprakash P, her father, says that all the credit should go to his daughter. “She never gave us reason to be concerned about her studies. She is a good student. Her mother would have helped her a bit with the preparations for medical entrance but that's it,” he says. Sangeetha's mother Vijayalakshmi S is a doctor.

Sangeetha found herself in the top 50 in the State level medical entrance test and the top 450 in the All India entrance.

Sangeetha loved to dance, but stopped learning classical dance after Std. XI. She is also loves to cycle around. Going by her records, she will go the distance; with or without the cycle.