Games are important for students. Sports and games help our physical growth while textbooks and lessons help us grow intellectually. We know that a healthy body makes a healthy mind. If our health suffers, we cannot live life to the fullest and will fall short of accomplishing anything.

Sports also teaches us values. For instance, it teaches the importance of team spirit, cooperation and sportsmanship. These qualities would ensure that students are tolerant and sympathetic to other people. They will be ready to help others in distress. After all, these are the basic requirements to make good citizens, who help make a progressive society.

A career in sports makes a person self-sufficient and confident and they also become instant celebrities. They enjoy the patronage of both the government and general public. Who doesn’t know P.T. Usha, Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, and Karnam Malleshwari? There are many others. They have brought glory to our country. They have all set high standards in the field of sports and public life.

P.V.S. Varenya, VI B, Global Indian International School, Uppal, Hyderabad