People say that there are no such things as ghosts. But I don’t believe them and I must say that I have had a spooky experience.

It was a dark and gloomy night. My family members had gone for a party and I was all alone in the house. I was reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula when I heard footsteps in the courtyard. The spine-chilling wicked laughter kept me awake and I was frozen out of fear. Then I heard the voices – “Do not play around”, “Open the door”.

I felt lifeless and could not find the strength to scream. My vision became foggy and I thought I was going to faint. Somehow I managed to get a knife from the kitchen and walked towards the front door. I clutched the door knob and flung it open. I did not wait to see who it was and hid behind the door. Then slowly and carefully, with one eye opened, I looked at the figure that was standing at the doorway. I was surprised to see my neighbour and friend, Akhil along with his pet dog. He came to show the mobile phone his father had bought that day and wanted to surprise me!

Abhima Edvi, X A, Excel Public School, Kunnamkulam