Spider-Man is back in action from May 1 and has a dangerous commission to fulfil. Will Spider-Man be able to defeat his nemesis?

Born nearly 52 years ago he created history with his “Spider sense”. A superhero created by Marvel comics he has not ceased to entertain us through the years. From comics to tele-series to movies he’s just about everywhere. He makes a come in May. Watch out for him.

Hello! Meet the man behind the mask

His name: Peter Parker

First job: He started off with television, where he did road shows entertaining people with his powers.

His parents: Richard and Mary Parker were field agents for the CIA. They worked for Nick Fury, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. During one mission, Richard and Mary Parker saved the life of Canadian secret agent Logan, better known as Wolverine, by rescuing him from the terrorist cult — Hydra.

Strengths: He is good at multi-tasking. He works as a research scientist and regularly patrols New York City. He also works with the Avengers and is a part of the Future Foundation (a larger group started by the Fantastic Four). If Peter finds himself facing an enemy or situation that’s just a little too hot to handle, he’s not got several super-powered friends on speed dial.

One too many: In the comic series there’s a part when Parker decides to call it quits and give up being Spider-Man. He puts together a serum to do away with his powers. But his reaction to the serum is unexpected. Four extra arms are not welcome, but they do come in handy when he decides to fight a vampire called Morbius. Dr. Curt Connors then helps him with an antidote to get him back to normal.

Wedding bells: Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson finally tied the knot in the comic series in 1987. What’s interesting is that to make it more realistic Spidey and MJ really got married at a ceremony in front of over 45,000 people at Shea Stadium in New York. And that’s not all. Marvel comic characters including Hulk, Captain America, Iceman, and Firestar graced the occasion.



Just when Spider-Man and the cast and crew were posing for photographers at a recent press conference, Spiderman aka Andrew Garfield, decided to play smart. He tried to use his makeshift shooter and it did not come out quite right. Instead, he left everybody covered in web-like confetti. However, they decided it went well with the theme and posed for the cameras!

The Indian angle

Fans in Delhi were in for a treat and surprise. The famed superhero Spider-Man’s original Marvel costume flew in all the way from Hollywood, U.S., to promote The Amazing Spider-Man 2! Actor Vivek Oberoi, who is lending his voice for Spider-Man’s arch rival Max Dillon aka super villain Electro in the Hindi version, was also seen striking a pose with the striking superhero. Check out as they visit India Gate.

The Story

External conflicts have always been easier to handle than the ones within. Spider-Man constantly struggles between the ordinary obligations of Peter Parker and the extraordinary responsibilities of Spider-Man. In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, he is faced with a greater conflict.

For Peter Parker, there’s nothing quite like swinging between skyscrapers, being the hero, and spending time with Gwen, his girlfriend. But being Spider-Man comes with a price — only Spider-Man can protect the City from the trouble that threatens. With the emergence of his arch rival Electro, he realises that he must confront a powerful foe. There is some respite with his old friend Harry Osborn returning. Peter realises that all his enemies have one thing in common — OsCorp.

Release date: May 1

Spideyspeak: With great power comes great responsibility.