The Space Club is a place where one can learn about the universe not just through books but through activities.

What do you want to become when you grow up?”, is a question that each of us has faced at some point; and many of us dream of adorning that heavy metallic space-suit and wading through zero-gravity space! Kuiper Research and Educational Services is working towards turning that dream into a reality for many! They work with students of Std. VI to VIII, teaching them the basics of astronomy and also provide them the platform to showcase what they have learnt and understood.

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The global projects boast of many exciting ones, like the Asteroid Hunt put forth by NASA, wherein students who identify an unidentified asteroid can get the asteroid tagged after the name of the school or the student. “It is one club that most of my classmates are interested in. It is a place where we learn so much about the universe not just through books but through activities. It also helps us communicate and interact with students from other schools,” says Prishanga Prayus Bora, Std. VII, Hyderabad Public School. “Currently, we have a tie-up with 20 schools in the city,” says Souvik Saha, Business Relations and Media Relations Officer, Kuiper Research and Educational Services.

“Last year, we had three schools from Bangalore and twenty schools from Hyderabad participating in the inter-State quiz competition on astronomy, besides a model-making competition for the second module students, on Mars Colonisation,” says Souvik.

This time around, two new products were introduced at the Astronomy Showcase held at Hari Hara Kala Bhavan, where Dr. Hassan of the Department of Astrophysics, Osmania University was the Guest of Honour. The first was Aerodynamics, which saw Mr. Pramod from the National Defence Academy displaying models. The second is the initiation of the Creative Club, which conducts a four-year course on a number of modules ranging from cartooning, animation, clay modelling et al, and is open to students of Std 5.

“It is exciting that we got an opportunity to study so much about the space. Most of us are busy in our own world, preparing for exams or making future plans. Astronomy has opened up new horizons for us”, says Khyati Sree, Std. VII, P. Obul Reddy School. Ask her if she would like to pursue astronomy as a career, she says, “I'd like to major in business studies and take up astronomy as my hobby and passion.”

“The space club was started in 2008, in our school and we are proud to say we were part of the first batch. Not only does the club help me explore and understand the universe we are a part of, in a better way, but also helps me stride through physics and geography in school!

It is a perfect combination of studies, adventure and exploration, fun and passion, besides attaining knowledge”, says Prerna Naidu, Std. IX, St. Joseph's Public School.

Srihari, Std. VII, Meridian School, Banjara Hills says, “I find astronomy interesting . The space club quenched my thirst for knowledge on lot of phenomena and factoids.

The fact that all of this was done through fun activities, watching the night sky and the evening sky, handling telescopes, made it so much more interesting”, he says and intends to become an astro-scientist, which is his childhood dream.